YUEQING NANFANG CEMENTED CARBIDE CO., LTD. founded in 2003, a professional manufacturer for middle and high quality cemented carbide products.Mainly include carbide burrs, carbide rods, endmills,carbide flats,saw tips, drill tips, buttons, planner knives, inserts, brazed tips, snow plow inserts, carbide pins ,also make customized products.they are widely used in machining, electron, aviation, mining fields.         

    Insisting on the Technology Innovation, good after-sales, the customers’ Intentions and needs are the company’s working core. We own advanced of production machines,HIP sinter machine,spray tower and assembly production lines,also strictly control the raw materials ,production process and inspection ,with experienced engineers and skilled workers which can provide the best technic and quality . 

        Our products sale good in domestic market and are exported to more than 20 countries in regions of Europe, America and Southeast Asia. The annual output is over 1000 tons. NANFANG CARBIDE welcomes all old and new customers visiting and discussing businesses for better future.

Spray Tower

Makes the High Quaility of Mixture powder

       The preparation of the mixture powder is the first process in the whole production of cemented carbide, and the quality of the mixture is the key factor to ensure the performance and accuracy of the cemented carbide. In a sense, the quality of the mixture determines the quality of the products. The quality of carbide firstly depends on the raw materials, but also depends on the manufacturing equipments. Good process equipment ensures the realization of advanced technology, which is the guarantee of high-quality products. The mixture powder made by advanced equipments -- SPRAY TOWER,which ensures the quality of pressing and molding, makes the single weight of compact is stable , and the density is uniform, but also helps to control the final structure of the alloy, so that after the sintering ,will get the high inner quality of products.


      Pressure sintering, the pressure of the alloy sintering environment is extremely large, and the high temperature of the sintering process promotes each other. The unique positive pressure dewaxing, hydrogen removal and other effects in the sintering furnace make the densification of cemented carbide very prominent.Big Improvement of carbide performance in the working.


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